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When there's no heaven all there is ......is hell.
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17th-Jul-2009 03:37 pm(no subject)
So! Today i have my L (from death note) shirt on. It's just a big L on the shirt.
and so my dad see's it and says "L...for loser right?" LOL he was so serious though.
made me laugh xD
28th-Mar-2009 12:39 am - 25 Shuffle songs~
ok so this is what comes on when i play shuffle on my ipod~ for jennnn!

Act Your Age- Snake River Conspiracy
Binzume ni ugomeku homunculus - Zenkei iro kusari hateru ima, yuiitsu... -remix- - Rentrer en soi
Adore- lynch.
Beneath the Surface- As Blood Runs Black
Fukai no Yami- girugamesh
ame to fukoumono- girugamesh
Anti Matter- N.E.R.D
St. Highway- ScReW
Baby Play- Deluhi
Are U Ready (Laidback Luke Remix) - Joachim Garraud
無垢 - Jully
End of Finale - Unsraw
Ashley- Escape the Fate
Kane no naru oka - heidi.
Grief- Dir en grey
kaidoku - Aural Vampire
Radio - Felix Da Housecat
Sorry - Madonna
Rui- heidi.
riot- The Seed
Lost Symphonies - Saosin
Disco King- Aural Vampire
Runaway - Linkin Park
4th-Feb-2009 10:28 pm - FRIENDS ONLY

♦This journal is friends only♦

Comment if you want to be added.

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15th-Aug-2008 10:34 pm - Got my Dir en grey tickets!!~ YATTA
yesh i got my dir en grey concert tickets todayyyy

i was the first person there
hooray for mee~~!!
they sell at 12pm
i showed there at 10:50 and waited in front of the building

i just have to wait to November to see my lovely Dir en grey
14th-Aug-2008 05:50 pm - ughh...
i wanted to party tonight.
...for me (T_T)


i got my Dir en grey live ticket money!!
i will be outside at 10 in the morning to get it at noon *laughs*

yeshh~ i will get the first ticket~
so excited~
20th-Jul-2008 02:44 pm - I don't know what i am doing.
i cant think of what to write about at the moment...
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